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What if piles is not treated?

When hemorrhoid blood supplies are blocked and hemorrhoid becomes strangled, the symptoms include extreme pain and gangrene if left untreated.

Do not ignore even the slightest signs of discomfort or pain while passing the stool along with bleeding. Get medical attention before the condition worsens. We are the best piles clinic in Ghaziabad.

Medical care for piles (hemorrhoids) is available at Medfin at affordable prices. For advanced laser treatment of piles, we have the most experienced proctologists. No insurance claims hassle either. We handle all aspects of your surgical journey, from diagnosis to post-surgery care, insurance claims, and paperwork. 

Hemorrhoids prolapse as swollen red bumps or lumps that protrude from your anus. If you examine this area with a mirror, you may be able to see them. Hemorrhoids may protrude without causing any other symptoms, or they may cause pain, discomfort, or itchiness.

Some prolapsed hemorrhoids may require surgical removal or correction to keep them from causing pain or complications.

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