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Find out how to treat fissures in Ghaziabad


Anal fissures are a common anorectal disease. One in ten Indians will suffer from anal fissures in their lifetime. Contrary to popular belief, anal fissures cannot always be treated with medicine. It is possible to manage acute fissures with medications and therapies, but chronic fissures almost always require surgery.

fistula treatment in Ghaziabad, we are recognized as one of the best multispecialty hospitals for treating anal fissures. Our team of expert and well-rounded fissure specialists can diagnose your condition and determine whether surgery is the best treatment option. Furthermore, our clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities are equipped with advanced infrastructure to treat anal fissures as efficiently as possible. Book an appointment and speak with our experienced anorectal doctors for more information.

Diagnosis of a nasal fissure

Fissures can have confusing symptoms and look similar to piles or haemorrhoids. Some of the best fissure doctors in Ghaziabad and across the country can diagnose them simply by examining them. To diagnose anal fissures correctly and rule out all possible complications, the doctor needs to perform a few tests. In order to diagnose anal fissures, the following tests are usually performed:

A thin, flexible tube with a tiny camera attached at one end is inserted inside the anus for flexible sigmoidoscopy. This test is recommended for people younger than 50 with no risk of anorectal disease.

A colonoscopy is a procedure in which the anorectal doctor inserts a flexible, thin tube into the rectum to examine the colon. It is feasible to undergo a colonoscopy in people over 50, as well as in people with colon cancer, chronic diarrhea, or severe abdominal pain.

Anoscopy is a procedure in which a tubular device is inserted into the anus to provide a detailed image of the anus and rectum. The device helps the doctor identify precisely where the problem lies.