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A perianal Abscess is known to be the collection of the pus that might be the deep tissues in and around the anus. If you are suffering from a perianal abscess, then you would immediately need to seek medical attention. If there is a delay in the treatment, then it can cause serious issues and a lot of unnecessary complications. It can cause a lot of pain, fatigue, fever as well as rectal discharge. If the anal abscess doesn’t heal, then it can create a lot of problems, and thus it may require surgery.

What are the causes of a Perianal abscess?

Perianal abscess comes up from the glands that surround the anus. Moreover, they can also develop from the infected skin that is near the anus. This can generally cause the glands to open up which can cause the bacterial infection. Sometimes the glands can burst up once they are filled with pus which can cause the infected content to spread around the anus and rectum.

Some of the major causes behind Perianal abscess are blocked anal gland, infected anal fissure, and a sexually transmitted infection. Some of the other reasons that lead to the following problem have been mentioned below:-

• Ulcerative colitis which is one of the inflammatory diseases is one of the underlying factors behind the perianal abscess.

• Diabetes is also one of the causes behind perianal abscess.

• Constipation.

• Diarrhea.

• Use of steroids such as prednisone.

• Anal sex can be one of the factors behind the anal abscesses.

• A weak immune system can be one of the causes due to a lot of diseases such as AIDS.

Children have the highest tendency of developing the following problem although it can occur in adults as well. So, it is necessary to know the symptoms so that you can able to tackle it effectively.

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What are the symptoms of a perianal abscess?

Constant pain, as well as throbbing, is one of the common symptoms that you would probably notice during the initial stage of Perianal abscess. You would experience a lot of pain during the bowel movements as well as a swelling taking place in the anal area. Some of the other signs of anal abscess are as follows:-

• You would experience constipation.

• Rectal discharge is also one of the underlying factors associated with a Perianal abscess.

• You will feel tired and fatigue at times.

• Swelling will take place around the region of the anus.

You may also experience a lump that might be swollen, red in color and present in the base of the anus. This can further lead to infection as a result of the disease. You may also come across urinary symptoms such as difficulty in urinating.

If you are the suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases, then you may have to go through with a Perianal abscess. This may potentially lead to a lot of discomforts as well as pain in the abdominal area.