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Fissure Treatment In Ghaziabad

It is known to be a small tear or cut present in the anus and may occur when passing hard stool more than 1 million cases per year. It can cause severe pain as well as bleeding during the passing stool as the skin breaks down. In rare instances, the muscle tissue beneath can also be a visible result.  An anal fissure problem can be caused after childbirth, bowel movements as well as due to constipation. It can also occur due to certain medical conditions such as infection, cancer as well as inflammatory bowel disease.

An anal fissure treatment provides in all age groups of people, but it generally takes place in children. Constipation is quite common during the following age cycle. In general, healing can take place on its own within a time span of six months. If it persists longer than that, then it is considered chronic and hence should be treated medically.

Particular kinds of treatments can help to get rid of the problem and at the same time relieve any discomfort that may occur with the help of pain relievers as well as stool softeners. If the condition of the following problem doesn’t fix after this treatment, then surgery might be required. Moreover, you would have to consult an anal fissure doctor in Ghaziabad who would highlight you about the causes behind that.

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What are the symptoms of an anal fissure?

There can be a lot of symptoms. Some of them have been mentioned below:-

• Tearing of the skin in and around the anus can be one of the causes of the following problem.

• Itching and burning are taking place in and around the anal region.

• Patches of blood during the bowel movements can be found.

• Clots of blood after wiping using a tissue paper can be one of the underlying factors.

• A lot of pain during the bowel movements can be a sign of anal fissure.

• A skin tag might be found near the tear around the region of the anus.

What are the causes of an anal fissure?

An anal fissure most often occurs when passing large or hard stools. Chronic constipation or frequent diarrhea can also tear the skin around your anus. Other common causes include:

It mostly originates when a hard or large stool passes through. Diarrhea, as well as chronic constipation, can be the underlying cause of this problem. Moreover, it tears the skin in and around the area of the anus.  Some of the other reasons for an anal fissure are Crohn’s disease, decreased flow of blood in the anorectal area, straining taking place during the childbirth as well as tight sphincter muscles.

Some of the other causes through which anal fissure can develop are HIV, anal cancer, herpes, syphilis, herpes, tuberculosis, etc.

Our clinic provides an anal fissure treatment in Ghaziabad. It is quite common in infants as well as children. Moreover, it can also be found in older adults who don’t have good blood flow going in the anorectal area. Besides this, women are also at risk especially during the time of pregnancy as well as during and after the childbirth due to straining that takes place during delivery.