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Pilonidal Sinus Treatment in Ghaziabad

A pilonidal sinus is known as a sinus tract which in general occurs in the cleft between the buttocks just about a distance above from the anus. Usually, It doesn’t occur in other parts of the body.  In general, it contains debris, hair, and dirt. It can cause severe pain, and at times they can catch infections as well. While you are infected, you would probably face foul odor, blood and ooze pus


Moreover, men are most affected by the following problem, and you can easily find pilonidal sinus in young adults who are sitting out for long hours without any physical activities in their daily schedule.

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What are the symptoms of pilonidal sinus?

In the initial part of the process, you may not find any noticeable symptom but just a small dimple present in the upper part of the butt cocks. Once it does get infected, then it can then it can cause an abscess or a cyst. A cyst has a closed sac which is filled by the fluid, and on the other hand, an abscess is an inflamed and swollen tissue where the pus gets formed.

Here are some of the common symptoms that are associated with pilonidal sinus on a later stage:-

• Swelling can occur in the cyst.

• Holes can be present in the skin.

• You can find a lot of sinus tracts over the course of.

• You will find a foul smell in the sac.

• You may face mild fever.

• You will gradually feel a lot of pain while standing as well as sitting

• You will come across sore skin around the infected area.

• Hairs will start to project out from that particular area.

• Pus would be oozing out from the depression.

What are the causes of Pilonidal sinus?


If you are sitting for long hours without any physical activity, then it can certainly cause friction and thus make the hairs on the buttocks to go back into the skin. When the hair goes back to the skin, then the body assumes the hairs as foreign particles and thus causes an immediate response against it. Due to the following response, a cyst-like structure gets formed in and around the hairs. Although, the leading cause of the pilonidal disease is yet to be determined, yet there are a lot of factors that cause the following problem. Our experience pilonidal sinus doctor performs one of the simplest medical pilonidal sinus treatment in Ghaziabad. If there is no sign of infection, no need for treatment. The list of issues has been mentioned below:-

• The change that takes place in the hormones once puberty is reached.

• Growth in the hairs is one of the underlying factors.

• Friction originating from the clothes can be one of the factors.

• Spending a lot of time while sitting.