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Fissures are grooves, tears, or splits.


Fissures in anus, or anal fissures, are very common and painful conditions that cause great discomfort. In this condition, there is a tear or crack in the skin of the anal area. In early stages, it can be cured by taking some dietary precautions, using home remedies, and taking a Sitz bath. It is usually found in young and middle-aged women, especially during pregnancy. Without treatment, it becomes chronic fissure, which does not heal permanently and continues to show symptoms of anal pain, bleeding, etc. continuously or intermittently if ignored for a prolonged period of time.

Anal Fissure Symptoms

Fissure in anus symptoms include:

As an associated symptom, constipation occurs

It is also possible to see blood streaks along with stool or on tissue paper; sometimes there may also be a few drops of blood.

Defecation pain is SHARP, BITTING, BURNING, and can last for hours after defecation

The feeling that there is some skin tag hanging at some point of the anus is always present (observed in chronic fissures).

The causes of anal fissures

Fissure in anus is caused by the following factors:

The primary cause is constipation and hard stools

A spasm of the internal sphincter can be caused by a variety of factors

If there is a significant amount of skin loss after surgery for a hemorrhoid

A secondary cause could be ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, tuberculosis, etc.

Ayurveda Kshar Sutra Treatment In Chronic Anal Fissure

In Chronic Fissure in Anus with Sentinel Tags, Kshara sutra, when tied at the base of the Sentinel Tag, leads to strangulation, pressure necrosis, and cutting effect of the Kshara sutra drugs results in tags being shed off within a few days. This is the minimally Fissures with anal spasm may benefit from a lateral sphincterotomy, which involves cutting the internal anal sphincter by incision.