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What Are Piles?

Anal piles, also known as hemorrhoids, are swollen veins in the anal region. A lot of people are suffering from piles these days due to their hectic schedules or improper diets. In some cases, piles resolve themselves on their own. However, if they do not resolve within one week, you should see a doctor. Dr. Anuj Tyagi is one of the best doctors to treat piles. Get the best piles treatment with an experienced doctor at Piles doctor in Ghaziabad.

How Many Types Of Piles ?


They are located within the anal canal, internal to the anal orifice. They are usually painless because they are located within the anal canal.


Two types of haemorrhoids are present outside the anal orifice and covered by the skin. They are called internoexternal haemorrhoids.


  • A diet with less fluids and fiber
  • Constipation chronic
  • Diarrhea that is chronic
  • The obesity epidemic
  • Cancer of the rectum
  • A constipation/straining problem
  • Diets with low roughage
  • Exercises that require heavy lifting
  • Piles in the family
  • The presence of portal hypertension

Treatment For Piles/ Haemorrhoids


It only treats first degree hemorrhoids. Some so-called doctors advertise it.

The advertisement "BAWASEER EK TEEKE ME JAD SE KHATM" should be avoided because injection is not indicated for any disease other than gd 1 haemorrhoids, and it may be risky for other diseases such as fissures.

It Was Previously The Treatment Of Choice For Small Haemorrhoids Of Gd 1 Or 2, But Is Now Outdated Because Of Its High Failure Rate.